UnCrushed Leaves – Vattakanal (The Voice)

We thought the Swedish tale of two brothers and the promised land of Nangijala is done with, but there was something more in store for all of us. Looks like it is the attraction of Nangijala or beautiful Vattakanal, that our Swedish friend recorded a small snippet for us.

In this audio clip, there is short description of the tale of two brothers and Nangijala. We thought it is better for all of us to hear from the source.

Our Swedish friend is actually from Åland Islands. It is an archipelago consisting of about 6700 islands in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. It is a predominantly Swedish speaking autonomous region of Finland. (Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%85land_Islands)

By “UcL Wanderers” 

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