UnCrushedLeaves – Kasol (The Hidden Discovery)

Our first impression at Kasol was that of a touristy little town, with resorts on the outskirts and little cafes with exceptional vegan grub on the inside. It’s pretty tiny, but a vast vast Himalayan landscape branches out from here, waiting to be explored.

Mountains, Greens, Rivers and above all Pristine beauty; makes one hold breath at every glance across the valley.

Mountains, Greens, Rivers and above all Pristine beauty; makes one hold breath at every glance across the valley.

In Kasol, We got a room by the river. One door overlooked the market from the first floor and if you opened it you could hear ‘Honey Singh’ songs from the cyber café downstairs. But if you opened the door on the balcony, the din of the river just drowned out everything else instantly, no matter what hour. We could’ve just stood there and watched the water go by for hours but we decided to engage with the town a little.

For the next day and a half we walked around town, ate at all the pretty little cafes, crossed over the bridge to eat lemon cake at the tiny bakery. (It has a nice map of the region and all the treks put up outside and a pair of delightful dogs who hang around there all the time). We had our meals surrounded by great vibes and music, then, came back to the ‘Honey Singh’ and then the river’s lullaby from the balcony.


Could not resist call of the River for long.

Soon though, we had had enough and decided to answer the call of the river. We walked uphill along it as far as we could go till it was evening. We met villagers on the way who invited us to walk to their homes with them and stay a while, have some chai. There are some amazing places to stay a little uphill across the river if you want to be removed from the bustle (mild compared to let’s say Paharganj in New Delhi)  of the Kasol market.


At Kasol day or night is the process of discovery of surroundings and oneself.

At Kasol, there is a constant discovery process of surroundings and oneself.

Kasol’s slowly burgeoning tourism is having some ill effects on the place but it’s extremely picturesque takes care of any speck of annoyance.  It occupies the prestigious position of being the gateway to the beautiful beautiful Parvati Valley which is undisputed, of course!

One must go here and definitely go further and discover.



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