UnCrushedLeaves – Wayanad (misty mountain hop)

It’s early morning; you open your eyes to a misty river flowing down a hilly valley. You doze off again. You’re sliding atop this river on a magic carpet, your hand skimming the water. You’re licking on a candy cone that tastes like coffee foam.

Slowly, through the fog of lucid dreams you realize, there is no river.

It is only the mist; thick, heavy, in-motion. Soft, cushiony wallops of clouds in a chug-chug train…

UnCrushedLeaves_Kerala_Wayanad (14)e2.jpg

The river of mist… cascading

This massive river of mist is cascading down in between skyscraping peaks. The sun rises up behind these hills and starts to illuminate the undulating landscape. Wayanad is green!

Doesn’t matter if the overnight train journey to Calicut (or Kozhikode as it’s been rechristened) was a little noisy; this is India after all. The crisp morning has woken us up and we’ve stopped on the kerb to gape at the hills. Our expectations of the next few days have risen.

We’re at Lakkidi, a way-point on the three-hour road to Wayanad from Calicut. The road takes an appalling nine bends to make a steep ascent.

UnCrushedLeaves_Kerala_Wayanad_road (2).jpg

Ascent to Wayanad

We halt at a roadside shop where the whiff of coffee barges its way in. This time it’s real 🙂 . Sitting on his rickety bench, steaming black coffee in hand, peering over the edge of the road in to the depths below we wait. Fluffy, steamed Appams land up on a banana leaf; we roll ‘em up and munch ‘em with coffee. Simply content…

These curves have been a mysterious prelude where new sights have appeared. Let’s see what comes next.

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